World Police & Fire Games 2022


Board members of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy Netherlands participated in the opening of the World Police & Fire Games proudly welcoming our representatives from Greece.


YOUth for EU in Rotterdam


Info-days including engagement activities took place at the offices of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy Netherlands targeting to introduce YOUth for EU.


Artificial Intelligence in Education


Artificial intelligence (AI) is arguably the driving technological force of the first half of this century, and will transform virtually every industry, if not human endeavors at large.


Maritime Cultural Diplomacy


Two nations with long maritime history and two global maritime leaders !


Gender & Digital Diplomacy in European Relations


The European Union has historically sought to project outwards its identity, values and raison d’être during times of uncertainty and crisis.


VOLUNTEU in Rotterdam


"The Roots of Volunteering, The Roots of Europe"

The whole organization of this event was targeting to explore and analyze the history of volunteering in relation to the history of the European Union and to create/ develop the link and understanding of all participants to the concept of European solidarity and the concept solidarity.


YOUth for EU in Greece


During the week of 21st - 25th of November 2022 our Institute successfully participated to our YOUth for EU 1st Transnational Project Meeting, which took place in Salamina, Greece


FUTUREU in Rotterdam


"Tomorrow’s Europe, Your Europe’s"

targeting to Disseminate the values and rights of the Conference on the Future of Europe in civil society, improve the governance of municipalities by disseminating European values, examine and debate Euroscepticism from a closer approach, teach and bring closer the participation mechanisms of European politics, improve understanding of the decision-making processes of the European Union, encourage civil society and especially young people and promote new opportunities for social and intercultural engagement.